Find The Perfect Luxury Car for Your Next Getaway

Luxury Car Rental

Enjoy an oasis of comfort and style on your next trip by booking a luxury car rental from E-Man Luxury Car Rental. Luxury rental cars take any trip or vacation from boring to unforgettable. Let your hair down in a convertible rental, or indulge your desire to drive a muscle car. You’ll find we offer luxury vehicles in practically every size, so choose the right car for you from the selection described below. E-Man Luxury Car Rental Signature Series vehicles are available only at select E-Man Luxury Car Rental locations, so take advantage if you’re in an area with these elite vehicles.

Book your luxury vehicle and get ready to put the key in the ignition and drive as you’ve never driven before.

What Is A Sports Car?

A sports car is a stylish, aerodynamic vehicle built for speed. If you see an available sports car rental when browsing through our vehicle options, quickly grab it! These hot items get booked up quickly and are only offered at certain locations. 

Stop imagining yourself behind the wheel of a Chevy Camero or Mustang and finally make your dreams a reality. Another boring business trip? Add some excitement to the numbing meetings with a sports car rental. Or spice up a romantic getaway with an alluring vehicle. Find a sports car rental and book with E-Man Luxury Car Rental today!

Sports Car Models

From the revving engine of a Ford Mustang to the sleek interior of the Chevy Camaro, E-Man Luxury Car Rental provides an assortment of sports car rentals. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a fun mode of transportation, you can browse through our rental options to find what you need.

Why Rent a Sports Car from E-Man Luxury Car Rental?

  • They are made to impress
  • Have fun driving
  • Luxury made affordably

It’s probably not every day that you get the opportunity to drive around in a sports car. Make the most of your travels with an affordable sports car rental from E-Man Luxury Car Rental. Some key benefits to opting for a sports car are:

  • They are made to impress. From date nights to client meetings, a sports car can get your foot in the door or help break the ice. 
  • Have fun driving. Each sports car is equipped with a roaring engine made to accelerate quickly. 
  • Luxury is made affordably. A sports car may not fit your everyday life—or your wallet, but why not enjoy a rental while you can?

Reserve a Convertible Car Rental

What Is a Convertible?

Take your driving experience to the max when you rent a convertible during your travels. A convertible has room for two or more passengers and can be driven with the car top-up or down. The open-air driving experience is unlike any other and makes for an incredibly scenic drive. Ride with the top down to take advantage of the view or put the top up if you’re wanting to stay a bit tidier or if you are needing protection from the rain.

Why Rent a Convertible from E-Man Luxury Car Rental?

  • Enjoy the Wind in Your Hair
  • Perfect for Two
  • Stylish

Driving a convertible is the ultimate way to get around. Here are a few of the benefits you may appreciate when renting a convertible:

  • Enjoy the Wind in Your Hair: There’s nothing more freeing than feeling the wind in your hair as you drive with the top down.
  • Perfect For Two: Traveling with a significant other? A convertible car rental is the perfect romantic car for two.
  • Stylish: You’ll feel like a million bucks, driving around in a sleek and stylish Ford Mustang Convertible or similar model.

Reserve a Muscle Car Rental

Reserve a Muscle Car Rental

What Is a Muscle Car?

Muscle cars are known for being some of the fastest, most eye-catching, and most powerful vehicles on the road. From the Dodge Charger R/T to the Ford Mustang GT, most muscle cars bring to mind an all-American driving experience that delivers thrills and reliability, all in one stylish package. E-Man Luxury Car Rental has an enviable lineup of luxury muscle cars and 2-door coupes for rent in our fleet. If you’re looking for a speedy vehicle that’s fun to drive, you’ll love choosing a muscle car rental for your next vacation or business trip.

Why Rent a Muscle Car from E-Man Luxury Car Rental?

  • Powerful Engine
  • Fun to Drive
  • Attention-Grabbing

You probably already know the many reasons to rent a muscle car, but in case you need convincing, check out these appealing benefits:

  • Powerful Engine: Most muscle car rentals are packed with a powerful V8 engine, giving you the joy of quick acceleration and easy handling.
  • Fun to Drive: Once you’ve been behind the wheel of a muscle car, all other vehicles will pale in comparison.
  • Attention-Grabbing: Pedestrians and other drivers alike will hear you coming and take notice of your stylish, high-powered vehicle.

Reserve A Suburban or Premium SUV Rental

What Is a Premium SUV Rental?

Our premium SUV rental fleet features the Chevy Suburban and similar SUVs. This rental group offers all the comforts of a full-size SUV but with even more luxurious features. E-Man Luxury Car Rental has a wide-ranging fleet of premium SUVs for the ultimate way to get around during your travels. A large SUV rental seats up to 8 passengers comfortably and has plenty of room left over for 4 small bags and 3 large bags. You’ll get a high-quality vehicle no matter the make and model you’re given. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing a Suburban car rental or similar model from E-Man Luxury Car Rental.

Why Rent a Suburban or Premium SUV from E-Man Luxury Car Rental?

  • Reliable on Most Terrain
  • Extra Luggage Room
  • Spacious Interior

There are dozens of reasons to rent a Suburban or premium SUV from E-Man Luxury Car Rental. Here are just a few benefits you may enjoy:

  • Reliable on Most Terrain: A Suburban rental can take you anywhere you want to go. Drive on mountain roads and wintry highways with ease.
  • Extra Luggage Room: Need room for tons of gear, souvenirs, and luggage? Choose a premium SUV rental for tons of extra luggage room.
  • Spacious Interior: Our premium SUV and Suburban rentals have plenty of room for 7-8 adults to spread out and feel comfortable when riding a long distance.
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